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Data Center Relocation Experts

Our Mission

Is to provide an end to end seamless service for your data center relocation project.

Relocations, moves & changes are the most challenging times for technology leaders.

Our services include

Asset discovery \ Audit & documentation

Site Pre-Cabling

Equipment relocation

Site clear out

Asset disposal


PantherTechDC3 - About

Our Experience

In his time as IT Director for a global telecommunications company responsible for operations, moves, and changes for customer & corporate data centers Ahmed found that traditional moving companies did not address the needs of moving data centers and Hi-Tech equipment. Ahmed was often found gaps in expectations due to their lack of expertise. In order to address this need, Ahmed formed Panther Tech, dedicated to the relocation of data centers and Hi-Tech equipment.

Ahmed oversaw the fit out of data centers and the relocation, rationalization, and transformation of numerous data centers in the USA and Europe.  Ahmed & the team at Panther Tech are excited to provide a full end to end data center relocation service drawing on years of knowledge and experience in that niche.

With a heavy emphasis on project management, communication, documentation and mature processes Panther Tech is your number one partner for your data center move.  Our services are designed to be agile and fit in at any point of the relocation process.