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The 5 benefits of a Data Center audit every IT leader needs to know.

You may have multiple data centers or just one rack, but the benefits to an audit of your environment and good asset management are the same for every size of business. These are my top 5 benefits of having your data center audited & implementing a good asset management system:

1 – Planning

A current state analysis provides you with a bird’s eye view of your data center assets, applications and processes. A hardware asset discovery is the start of that process enabling;

  • Planning a technology road-map. To plan for the future you need a good grasp of your present environment.
  • Consolidation – Merging facilities can cut costs and drive efficiencies. Knowing what you have in both environments is essential to a successful outcome.
  • M&A activity requires an accurate inventory for valuation and strategic planning to facilitate the M&A effort.

2 – Efficiency

An accurate inventory will reduce downtime by storing essential details of all your devices including;

  • Warranty information
  • Make \ model
  • Serial numbers
  • Location
  • Information of applications and processes on the machine

3 – Costs

Cost reduction can be gained from;

  • Identifying ghost equipment which can easily be redeployed or sold on consignment.
  • Removal of ghost equipment saving space in the rack.
  • Turning off ghost equipment reducing requirements of power, cooling & sometimes warranty agreements on unused equipment.

4 – Mitigation of Risk

An in-depth risk analysis requires planners to know exactly which services would be impacted by any number of scenarios. Asset discovery is the foundation stone to this knowledge. Building redundancy and testing resilience come from a depth of data on your server estate.

5 – Be a Superstar!

Finally, good documentation and records are essential to running an efficient department. Your techs will be delighted as they will have information at their fingertips making them more productive.

Your peers will be in awe of your excellent documentation and the board will be impressed as to how switched on you really are!

Panther Tech offers Asset management solutions providing you with asset data in a professional, actionable format, no matter the size of your environment. Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn or email; ahmed@panthertech.us

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