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ad1 - Security during A Data Center Relocation

Ahmed Desai

Managing Director Panther Tech

The day has arrived for your data center relocation. You have been planning it for weeks if not months. You have diligently backed up all your data to the cloud and have rehearsed those restores if the unthinkable happens. You really do not want that to happen! so amongst all your other planning and risk mitigation, the steps below will help ensure that your data and equipment are transported safely and no data is lost or stolen.

roadcase - Security during A Data Center Relocation
clips - Security during A Data Center Relocation

Inventory & Labels

- Security during A Data Center Relocation

1. Inventory & Labels

This may sound like basic stuff but it sure is important. Your environment is going to be busy with movers, packers, IT staff and cable guys at both ends. It is essential that you have a precise inventory of what is being packed and in which road-case, with the accurate labeling of equipment and cases. The equipment should be marked out at the origin and checked in at the destination. This ensures that no equipment is left behind and that the data is safe.

2.Road Cases

Equipment should be packed in sturdy, robust road cases, lined with anti-static foam. The cases will take any knocks and absorb the shock. The road cases should be placed near the server racks and equipment carefully placed directly into the road case to minimize exposure to the risk of damage. Make sure your relocator intends on using a road case like the one above, yes it does look like it is destined for a Bon Jovi concert!

092 - Security during A Data Center Relocation

“Keep in mind, when equipment is transported by road it will be subjected to potholes, bumps and uneven surfaces.”

3.Security Seals

This may seem small but they sure are important. Sealing the trunks with these little guys will show that the trunk has not tampered with en-route. The truck should also be sealed at origin.


The truck your equipment is traveling in should be tracked and you should be given access to the tracking system so that you know exactly where your equipment is. Most importantly you should have total confidence that the crew stays on course with their delivery schedule and does not decide to divert for other business. Every minute your equipment is on the road presents a risk, one that can be mitigated by reducing the time on the road.

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5.Exclusive Cargo

Only use a relocation service that offers a truck that has your equipment exclusively. This mitigates the risk of your road cases going astray and potential damage. An exclusive truck, also means that the truck will travel direct from A to Z without stopping at other places. Remember that the more time on the road increases the risk of theft, fire, damage, bumps and other unthinkable events.