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Austin Data Center Relocation Guide

Data Center Relocation Austin

Why Austin?

There are a number of reasons to Locate your Data Center in Austin or why you need to relocate to an Austin Data Center.

Austin Geography:

Austin is an ideal city to locate your data center from a geographic perspective.  Positioned 150 miles from the coast and at an elevation varying from 400 ft to 1000 feet above sea level it is not at risk of coastal flooding.  The Colorado River and the man-made lakes within Austin present little risk of mass flooding and although there are pockets of localized flooding due diligence will easily find plenty of opportunities for locations at no risk.  Austin is categorized as a low-risk zone for earthquakes

Austin Weather:

Austin is not in the path of Tornado Alley and is also not prone to hurricanes or other inclement weather.   This makes it an ideal place to locate a data center.

People & Staff:

Austin is home to the University of Texas and many technology companies such as Indeed, Spiceworks and Dell to name but a few.  Coupled with a great nightlife and things to do, Austin has attracted lots of top tech talent.

Data Center Space:

Panther Tech has the capability of rolling out hundreds of desks in a short space of time. Our service includes:

Our Solution includes:

  • Project Management working closely with your team.
  • Well trained staff.
  • Connectivity testing.
  • Cabling in the closet if required.
  • Clear out of all packing materials & debris.
  • Onsite support for physical issues when users arrive.
  • We leave a card with a number to call and have personnel onsite with a color-coded shirt or baseball cap to call upon, freeing up your support desk.

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