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Dallas Data Center Relocation Guide

Data Center Relocation Dallas

Why Dallas?

There are a number of reasons to Locate your Data Center in Dallas or why you need to relocate to a Dallas Data Center.

Dallas Geography:

Dallas is an ideal city to locate your data center from a geographic perspective.  Positioned 300 miles from the coast it is not at risk of coastal flooding.  Dallas is categorized as a low-risk zone for earthquakes

Dallas Weather:

Dallas is not in the path of Tornado Alley and is also not prone to hurricanes or other inclement weather.   This makes it an ideal place to locate a data center.

People & Staff:

Dallas is home to universities and many technology companies and data centers.

Data Center Space:

There are many good data centers in Dallas. For a list of data centers go here.

Our Solution includes:

  • Project Management working closely with your team.
  • Well trained staff.
  • Connectivity testing.
  • Cabling in the closet if required.
  • Clear out of all packing materials & debris.
  • Onsite support for physical issues when users arrive.
  • We leave a card with a number to call and have personnel onsite with a color-coded shirt or baseball cap to call upon, freeing up your support desk.

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