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Houston Data Center Relocation Guide

Data Center Relocation Houston

Why Houston?

There are a number of reasons to Locate your Data Center in Houston or why you need to relocate to a Houston Data Center.

Houston Geography:

Houston is prone to flooding and inclement weather.  Hurrican Harvey ravaged parts of the city in 2017.  It is essential therefore to choose your location very carefully.  Not all parts of the city flooded but extra due diligence should be carried out.  Houston is categorized as a low-risk zone for earthquakes

People & Staff:


Houston is home to universities and many technology companies and data centers.

Data Center Space:

There are many good data centers in Dallas. For a list of data centers go here.

Our Solution includes:

  • Project Management working closely with your team.
  • Well trained staff.
  • Connectivity testing.
  • Cabling in the closet if required.
  • Clear out of all packing materials & debris.
  • Onsite support for physical issues when users arrive.
  • We leave a card with a number to call and have personnel onsite with a color-coded shirt or baseball cap to call upon, freeing up your support desk.

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