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New Office Rollouts

New Office IT Rollout

Congratulations on your New Office IT Rollout space.

New Office IT Rollout

New Office IT Rollout

Many companies will equip their new space with new computers, monitors, phones and other equipment.


The problem:

Traditional office fitters & movers do not have the expertise to setup equipment, test connectivity and confirm that systems work.

IT departments do not have the bandwidth or remit to conduct a roll out.

Panther Tech has the capability of rolling out hundreds of desks in a short space of time. Our service includes:

Our Solution includes:

  • Project Management working closely with your team.
  • Well trained staff.
  • Connectivity testing.
  • Cabling in the closet if required.
  • Clear out of all packing materials & debris.
  • Onsite support for physical issues when users arrive.
  • We leave a card with a number to call and have personnel onsite with a color coded shirt or baseball cap to call upon, freeing up your support desk.

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