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Small Business IT Relocation

Small Business IT Relocation

small business it relocaction

Small Business It Relocaction

Panther Tech recognizes that relocations for small business require a considerable effort to ensure that systems are up and running when the office returns to work.  Panther Tech offers a dedicated Small Business IT Relocation project manager to your move.  The project manager will assist you with the following:

Choosing and procuring a suitable data link for your new premises

Advising and setting up security for your network, Wireless & wired Migrating your phone system to your new premises

Backup & relocation of any systems you may have – even if only 1 server

Relocation and setup of all printers, scanners, faxes & other peripherals

Relocation of all desktop computers, laptops & phones (Pack-up, re-assemble & ensure connectivity at destination)

Every Business Relies On IT Systems, Small Businesses Deserve The Same Dedication & Professionalism as Large Businesses

Whatever the size of your business, Panther Tech will ensure your data is safe every step of the way and will ensure that your staff can work from the minute they walk into their new office. You can find out more about our mission and how to help your business grow

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